Two fires in Albany, Smithville could have been prevented

Always inspect a space heater's cord to make sure it's not frayed or damaged / Ashley Knight

Two fires in the last 24 hours in Albany and Lee County could have been prevented.

In Albany, a woman was killed Sunday after she left food unattended on the stove that caused a fire to break out.

Fire officials say to never leave the kitchen while you're cooking, however if you must, take a utensil with you to remind yourself of food on the stove.

In Smithville, a mobile home caught fire early Monday morning after a space heater overheated.

Fire officials say to use a space heater with caution.

"Whenever you're putting your space heater out, you want it to be on a flat, level surface. You don't want to put it on any furniture. You want to inspect the heater's cord to make sure it's not frayed or damaged," says Captain Todd Kirkland with the Lee County Fire Department.

The fire on Monday could have had a hazardous outcome, had it not been for the smoke detector that woke one of the children.

Fire officials will install smoke detectors free of charge.

You can reach the Albany Fire Department at 229-431-3266 and the Lee County Fire Department at 229-759-6090.

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