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      Two Chicks spread their wings

      After hearing that their original location of Two Chicks Eclectic Finds on Dawson Road might be torn down to make way for other opportunities, Jennifer Keel and Suzanne Bettis say they decided to use the potentially bad situation as a way to expand and purchase a new spot.

      The two women say while driving down Philema road, they saw the perfect opportunity and decided to go for it.

      "It just made us take the opportunity to think about what we needed to do and realize that we kind of had outgrown our spot anyway so we started looking for other opportunities and we can across this place. We're so happy, it was just an impulse thing," said Keel.

      With a much more open layout, the new space will allow the owners to hand-paint their pieces on the premises instead of doing it at their houses.

      The owners will share the space with Kelly's Produce and hope together they'll be able to boost each other's business when they officially open in November.

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