Turtles race to the frigid finish

Turtles make a dash for the grand prize of $5,000 dollars. / From file

With the collection of yearly events rolling through Saturday afternoon, the Flint Riverquarium wasn't going to be left out.

The annual, "Turbo-Turtle Race," made its way down the steps of the Riverquarium fountain Saturday afternoon with folks crowding in to get a good look at the plastic speedsters.

Over 4,000 plastic toy turtles took the plunge with the winners taking home prizes of up to $5,000 dollars cash

Organizers say not only was the event a success, but the finish was picture perfect.

"It went great! The first eight turtles were already adopted so the first eight turtles all won, and I've got the winning names right here getting ready for Jackson to announce them!," said Flint Riverquarium spokeswoman, Vicki Churchman.

Winners were announced followed by most spectators heading back to the Mardi Gras festival for some more fun downtown.

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