Turnstiles fly in 2012

Turnstiles fly in 2012 for both Chehaw Park and Thronateeska Heritage Center. / From file

As the ball drops in Times Square during New Year's Eve, local attractions here in Albany have reason to celebrate the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

"It was a good year and I think a lot of people with the economy, gas prices and everything are looking for values close to home....and I think with what we have to offer here in Albany, it's just one of the venues people chose," said Thronateeska Heritage Center Director, Tommy Gregors.

Thronateeska wasn't the only local hot spot this year though, Chehaw saw a 10% increase in attendance, something Chehaw Park Executive Director Doug Porter attributes to great events, and a progressive attitude.

"All in all, a very successful year in terms of the events that we had, we had good weather most of the year; so we're real pleased looking back on the year," said Porter.

And though 2012 really was a big year for Chehaw, that doesn't mean they don't have bigger and better surprises in the works for 2013.

"The real future of the park lies with the development of our waterfront. We want to go down into our boat dock area and see a much larger expansion of the waterfront usage for us," said Porter.

Thronateeska also saw a climb in attendance during the year, and not to be outdone, has a few tricks up their sleeve for 2013.

"We've got several projects we're working on; we're getting ready to break ground on a new archives facility, we'll have a state of the art storage facility for important documents and records," said Gregors.

Both Gregors and Porter say that although 2012 was a success, their already focusing on the future, continuing to grow in the Good Life city.

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