Turning the page on expensive textbooks

South Georgia Technical College helping students with free textbooks. / Matt Prichard

Every college student knows that going to school is expensive. Besides paying tuition, students scuffle to find a place to live, food to eat, and fuel to power their cars. However South Georgia Technical College is attempting to take some of the financial strain off their students by providing them with textbooks.

"At South Georgia Tech, we said, what can we do to make college affordable for all of our constituents and we said if one of things we could provide was books free of charge, for our students, this would help them tremendously at South Georgia Technical College," said University President, Sparky Reeves.

And it's not just college students that are tightening their budgets. The entire country is battling a low economy, which Reeves says is a big reason for the 'free book program.'

"It's just tough, to go to school, and try and get ready to go to work, and not have a revenue stream," said Reeves.

The school is attempting to take financial strain off of their students, but how is the university able to do this effectively and efficiently.

"We met with our foundation, and of course we have a very strong foundation here at South Georgia tech, their helping with the revenue stream, in addition we're taking local funds and creating a revenue stream to help purchase the textbooks on the front end," said Reeves.

School administrators are optimistic that this program will not only assist current students, but encourage others to join the South Georgia Tech student body.

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