Turner Job Corps moves for Let's Move! workout video

Students filled the gymnasium to participate in the Move Your Body workout video / Sarah Bleau

Music Star Beyonce partnered with First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Initiative in May to create a Flash Workout video. Turner Job Corps â" along with other Job Corps around the nation â" are embracing the concept.

"I want to be a great example for why kids should get up and be healthy and have fun and just enjoy themselves," says Julie Jenjacques, Nursing Assistance Student at Turner Job Corps.

On Friday, Turner participated with other Job Corps nationwide in a simulcast for their "Move Your Body" video, using moves and music from the national Let's Move! Flash Workout.

"The kids were really excited about it as well as the staff. Just an opportunity to jump around and hopefully get into some form of shape," says Amie Henry, Academic Career Training Manager at Turner Jobs Corps. Henry is also one of 12 faculty members who helped organize Turner's portion of the workout dance.

Turner Jobs Corps staff says it was also a useful way to send a message to students.

"Our students are getting ready for the workforce, and in the workforce you have to be healthy and ready to work every day," says Lavetta Laster, Recreation Manager at Turner.

Organizers say the young students really enjoyed it but even the older generations couldn't help but get on their feet.

"I think the energy took us along," says Henry. "It went really well, I think they received it well and the dancers fully enjoyed it."

It was enjoyed so much that the one day event is turning into a trend.

"Once we finally put it together, a lot of staff really want to continue to this on a monthly basis," says Henry.

The video simulcast was also a competition among the Job Corps featuring a $500 prize. Turner says if they win they plan to purchase Wii Fitness units for their recreation facility.