Turner Job Corps grads embrace their future

Congressman Sanford Bishop addresses Turner Job Corps graduates. / Jessica Fairley

Turner Job Corps held a commencement ceremony Friday afternoon sending hundreds of students into the world.

"I am Maria Orta and I stand before you today as a single mother, a graduate of Turner Job Corps and a current student of Albany Technical College," says Maria Orta, TJC graduate.

In spite of the people that didn't believe in her, Maria Orta stood before her graduating class strong, making those who saw her potential proud.

She's just one of many turner job corps graduates with a unique story that guided them to success.

"I feel accomplished and it feels great. I'm a mother and that's a big accomplishment, To be a mother who can still be able to handle your business and graduate," says Antoinette Lane, TJC graduate.

Lane is following her goal of becoming a nurse. While she looks to continue to her education, others are joining the workforce.

"I got a job, I graduated and I work at Excel Goodyear," says Corey Hana, TJC graduate.

The criminal justice graduate says he's grateful to have a job straight out of school, but he also plans to continue his studies. It's something that a large number of turner graduates look forward to.

Maria Orta says she's seeking adventure, taking up hotel restaurant tourism management at Albany Tech.

"I love travelling. I love anything dealing with meeting with new people and going new places," says Maria Orta.

Congressman Sanford Bishop addressed the graduates about the road ahead and their purpose during the journey.

"You have been given skills, tools if you will, tools with which to go out and make a difference," says Congressman Sanford Bishop, D-Georgia, 2nd District.

Students accepted his message, determined to embrace what's before them, whether it be higher learning or the workforce.