Turner Elementary makes history in Dougherty County

Medical clinic inside Turner Elementary School. / Jessica Fairley

Turner Elementary School is making history after opening the first school based health clinic in Dougherty County.

With the opening of an in-school health clinic, Tuner Elementary administrators are hoping to see an improvement in attendance and a decrease in tardiness.

"A lot of times the children are home and they got a stuffy nose or they got a stomach ache and parents keep them home but now that we have a full doctor and a nurse, they can go ahead and send them to school," said Dr. Gail Solomon, Turner Elementary School Principal.

The school was chosen as a location for the Albany Area Primary Health Care clinic because of a demand within the community.

"We have the most high poverty rate and students who are not seen by doctors," said Dr. Solomon.

With consent from parents, students can be treated at the school without worrying parents about leaving work or finding transportation to pick their child up.

"It'll help a lot of parents keep from running back and forth to the doctors," said Shevokyvo Allen, the parent of two Turner Elementary students.

Not only will the facility keep more students in school, medical professionals say it'll also cut back on hospital emergency visits and lab testing.

Albany Area Primary Health Care officials say their goal is to provide quality healthcare for all students, faculty, and staff. The new facility has two examination rooms, an office for information, and a lobby.