Troy University remembers Flemming, lost student

A purple ribbon hangs on the campus of Troy University. / Sarah Bleau

Terry Lewis Flemming was in the midst of taking classes at the Albany campus of Troy University when she died suddenly during a high speed chase.

"We were very, very close; we joked around, we played, we had class last term," says Erica Richarson, one of Flemming's classmate's at Troy University. "I just seen her last Thursday. We joked around in the cafeteria Thursday. I'm going to miss her.".

Thursday evening, the school held a memorial service for their lost student who they say was bubbly and always willing to help.

"We just miss her. We just had to show some type of gratitude, we just had to show Albany that we care," says Academic Evaluator Rashan Trent.

One speaker at the memorial service says Terry Flemming is "absent with the body but present with the Lord."

She is also present in the memories of the people at Troy University.

"Talking to other instructors here, they really enjoyed her. She excelled, she was witty," says Trent.

Her witty and bubbly personality is part of Richardson's most memorable moment with Flemming.

"She was in the process of trying to lose weight and I was too, so she was coming off with hers very quickly -- of course I wasn't -- and we joked about each other's butts, so I'm going to miss that," says Richardson.

Now, a purple ribbon adorns the doorway where students say they heard Flemming walking in with her police radio in tow.

"I'm going to miss you terry, to her family, I love you you're in my prayers," says Richardson.

"God bless the family, we love you all, our hearts go out to you all," says Trent.

Funeral services for Flemming will be held Friday at 11 a.m. at the Albany Civic Center.