Troopers hit the road for holiday travel weekend

Georgia State Troopers taking over streets on holiday travel weekend. / Jessica Fairley

The weekend before Thanksgiving many pack up the family and head to a loved one's house, but before leaving the drive way make a list and check it twice because law enforcement will be out in full force making sure drivers obey the rules of the road.

"We'll be doing night time road checks, early morning road checks you know just trying to make it safe for the families," said Georgia State Patrol Asst. Post Commander Corporal Scott McClure.

The Georgia State Patrol will be looking for license and insurance papers, in addition to reckless driver and people driving under the influence.

Those at the wheel are warned to buckle in and make sure those riding are also secured. Under the law, a child should be strapped into car seat.

"The chest clips should be at or below armpit level and then the harness straps should be tight and smooth," said Southwest Georgia Public Health Car Seat Instructor Artiszell Johnson.

Babies are required to be positioned facing the rear of the car, looking out the back window.

If a driver is caught not having a child properly secured, they could face a stiff penalty or worse.

"Possible death, that's what we're trying to prevent out there on the roadways," said Scott McClure.

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