Trisha Yearwood set to perform at Tift Regional Medical Center

Trisha Yearwood and her sister Beth Bernard are set to perform for the Tift Regional Medical Center tree lighting ceremony.

/ Jessica Fairley

Country star Trisha Yearwood was in southwest Georgia Thursday to give back to an organization that's left an impression on her life.

After lighting the Tift Regional Medical Center's Christmas tree, Yearwood and her sister Beth Bernard serenaded Tifton residents with a selection from her Christmas album.

They sang "Away in a Manger" in honor of present and past patients of the Hospice of Tift Area and the Tift Oncology Center. Their mother Gwen Yearwood is a past patient who's most dear to their heart.

"This particular hospice just took really great care of our mom. We lost her to breast cancer last year and we just could not have imagined how amazing the hospice would be in this situation," said Trisha Yearwood.

The annual Tree of Life ceremony was an emotional moment for both women. It was a moment that brought back memories of their mother before she passed away and the dedication of the hospice through their tough time.

"I couldn't believe that when we got home with her from the hospital there was a hospital bed in the house, all these medical supplies and I'd say well what do we owe you and they'd say nothing. That's a gift," said Yearwood.

During the ceremony, she and her sister gave a testimony of how the hospice served their family when their mother was sick.

"Ministry really is what the hospice is. I think it's a gift to the community in itself because they give so much to families and to patients," said Beth Bernard, older sister to Trisha Yearwood.

Proceeds from the Tree of Life fundraiser will help others receive the same care that their mother received before she passed away. Those with the Tift Regional Medical Center say each dollar will go a long way. Money was raised for the fundraiser as families would pay a fee for ornaments to be placed on the Christmas tree.

"It's a fantastic program that helps them with extra medical costs, groceries, or utilities. It kind of runs the gamut but 100 percent of it stays here and goes to all of our patients," Stacey Beckham, Public Relations Specialists for Tift Regional Medical Center.

As the sisters sang to the crowd, families joined in their cause, appreciating the sweet sounds of joy while helping to bless others during the holiday season.

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