Tricky tracks prompt change

Railroad crossing could be getting a facelift in the coming months. / Matt Prichard

Driving around southwest Georgia can be a bumpy experience, but few dirt roads can rival the turbulence felt while crossing the railroad tracks on Slappey Boulevard. We asked local car owners on our Facebook page, should these tracks be resurfaced? Drivers responded saying that they've experienced car damage, and agreeing that these crossings are in desperate need of attention. Mechanic Tom Gieryic says it isn't surprising that these folks have had problems.

"A big hit like that tends to, maybe not real bad, but over a period of time you end up knocking your alignment out and you don't know it, then you start getting severe tire ware, and now you're buying new tires because you're going over these rough roads," said Gieryic.

With cars slamming on their brakes to tiptoe over the railroad crossing, many Albany residents are asking what is the Department of Transportation doing to fix this issue?

"At this time we're in the early stages of discussing with the railroad department, about repairing that crossing. And really it's about when they can schedule it in with their crews, when they can get the work done. So it is in the plans, and we are trying to get it done, but it may be a little bit before it gets repaired," said Georgia Department of Transportation representative, Craig Solomon.

The department of transportation says the Slappey Boulevard crossing is at the top of their list, however that doesn't necessarily mean Albany drivers will be driving any smoother in the coming weeks.