Tricked out graveyard spooks trick-or-treaters

Tricked out gravesite on Lowell Lane. / Jessica Fairley

Thousands of southwest Georgians were out trick-or-treating Wednesday evening and a lot of people also took a moment to visit a tricked out haunted graveyard.

Wednesday afternoon before Halloween celebrations began, Matthew Parker and Bret Urick put the finishing touches on the grave site on Lowell Lane.

"The tombstones didn't take so long but the stone mausoleum back there probably took about a month of spare time," said Bret Urick, gravesite designer.

The idea for the haunted Halloween began long before then.

"There's a lot of online forums about Halloween and you just skim through there and you get ideas on that and all through the year you build stuff so that it's not mounting up at the end," said Matthew Parker, homeowner.

Many of the details were built by hand and constructed on-site; the headstones, the caskets and the bloody bodies.

"We're just kind of setting up doing a little tweaking here and there to get things right and hopefully come sundown everybody will get a kick out of it," said Bret Urick.

The mischievous pair had tricks to spare.

"You got a ghost that will jump out and then we also have a couple other jump-out props too," said Matthew Parker.

There were a few other surprises that didn't come out until sundown.

Although Halloween has passed, some say driving by the home to see the gravesite is worth the trip.