Tread light with kids and ATVs

ATVs at PowerSports Plus in Albany. / Jessica Fairley

Parents are advised to forgo riding with kids while on an ATV.

A Florida toddler has been taken the hospital with serious injuries after falling off an ATV.

The 2-year-old boy was riding an ATV in a parking lot with his father when he fell off the vehicle Sunday night. Neither was wearing any safety gear.

Dougherty County Police officials say children should never ride along with their parents on an All-Terrain Vehicle.

Not only should children never ride along with parents, but there should never be two or more people on one four-wheeler.

This can cause the driver to lose control and cause the device to flip over.

Also if children are on an ATV, they should use those that are specifically made for children.

The typical ATV prohibits anyone 16 and under from driving.

Parents are instructed to watch their children carefully when they are riding one of these vehicles.

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