Traveling back in time at Chehaw

Chehaw gets ready for "Frontier Festival" next weekend. / Matt Prichard

Chehaw Park is getting set for their kickoff event of 2013, the "Frontier Festival."

The event offers a chance for folks around Albany to embrace the American frontier over a wide portion of history.

Participants camp out in the park for three days, using only resources that would've been available during that time period.

Event coordinator, Ben Kirkland, says it's just a great opportunity to get a feel for history without a textbook.

"The Frontier Festival was originally started to provide a unique historical experience for the general public, and it comes at a time of year when not a whole lot of events are going on....but it has worked out really well for us," said Kirkland.

The event will be celebrating it's 20th year next weekend, January 11th through the 13th, and is free after paying the initial entry fee to get into the park.