Trash pickup, sewage costs to increase

Phil Roberson with Public Works discussed the department's budget for fiscal year 2011-12

High gas prices are affecting more than your wallet at the pump: Now, they're affecting your trash and sewage bills.

While discussing the city's budget for fiscal year 2011 to 2012, Public Works announced an approximately 50 cent increase for trash pickup and sewage. Trash pickup will increase from $26.50 to $27.03 and sewage cost will rise from $23.57 to $24.03.

Phil Roberson with Public Works says these rates increase because of inflation. He says these increases are a reflection of the increase in landfills' cost of service which increased because of the 25 percent jump in fuel costs in the last year.

"We use a lot of diesel fuel at public works and in our operations so we've really tried to hold the bottom line down but we do have to have inflationary increases to keep up with those kinds of costs," says Phil Roberson with Public Works.

Due to a lack of interest, Tuesday's Albany 101 course â" which gives citizens an overview of the city's internal operations â" was cancelled. They say the next course may occur in July and will precede the City Commission meeting.

For more information, Contact Asst. City Manager Wes Smith at (229) 431-3234. The class does have a limit of 12 people.