Transportation updates on the agenda for Albany Commissioners

Photo Credit: Courtney Highfield

At Tuesday's City Commission meeting, the bus station downtown was a hot topic.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says for years a project has been in the works to either demolish and build a new building in the same location, or renovate the old one. After several public hearings citizens expressed to commissioners and the Mayor that they want the bus station to stay in the same location, and since then, that's what Mayor Hubbard has been working to do.

At Tuesday's meeting they approved to go ahead and do an environmental assessment of the property which Hubbard says costs under $200,000.

Buses weren't the only form of transportation talked about in the meeting, however. Commissioner Roger Marietta told the rest of the board he wanted to put on the next meetings agenda a discussion about putting another stop sign in at an intersection near Lake Park Elementary School. Marietta wants the stop sign to be put in at the intersection of Kenilworth and Meadowlark.

Marietta says after the most recent accident there, involving a child hit by a vehicle, he believes another stop sign will make drivers slow down and make the area safer.