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      Transitioning back to reality after a vacation

      Most people have made it back to town following a long weekend from the Fourth of July holiday, but the struggle isn't over thanks to the difficulty of transitioning quickly back into "work mode."However, experts say there are ways to make sure your trip home and first day back on the job go as smoothly as possible.Dr. Cheryl Kaiser with Insight Psychotherapy says you can throw things off from the start if you completely ignore your normal routine, like waking up 4 hours later than you do during a workweek so it's important to try and stay as close to your normal routine as possible.If you come home too late and don't have enough time to get things done, many people can feel anxious the next day, so make sure you leave ample time to unpack, do laundry and have clothes ironed and ready for the week.Dr. Kaiser says once you're at work, you can ease back into things by keeping the excitement level high by sharing pictures with co-workers.Although it's never easy to come back after a break, some simple tips can make the transition a bit easier.

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