Transforming the community with 'What's Right'

Although Albany often gets a bad rap, there are people in the community working to transform the city's image.

Because of daily responsibilities, many people feel they can't find time to give back to their community. However, Isha and Michael Odom are two people that are constantly looking to make a difference.

Their church, Agape Christian Worship Center, located at 3200 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, is more a community-type church that has programs in the community to help make Albany a better and healthier place.

Both Michael and Isha believe that their job is to transform peoples' lives one person at a time and their goal is to be a solution to the problem that one often hears in Albany. Their response to that is to be a part of the solution by building different entities that they have in the church.

Starting the ministry, they realized there was a lot of community work that needed to be done.

A health and wellness program, Get Fit Stay Fit, was just one program created by Michael and Isha to better our community. Anyone is welcome to attend classes on Tuesdays and Fridays starting at 6 p.m. at Henderson Community Center located at 701 Willard Ave.

Isha says they are trying "to focus on getting people a little healthier but also staying healthy. We've actually had good results where people have come off of medications, blood pressure has gone down, sugars have changed and all of this because of participating in this program and changing their eating habits."

They are certainly making a positive transformation; just speak with any of the participants and they will tell you that have seen better results in their heath.

"One thing about this program here is that there isn't a gym on this side of town or in this community so this program is here, whether people in the community can just walk to it, it doesn't cost anything, they can work out, feel better; people in the program are actually bonding together, meeting new friends, so that is kind of my main thing, giving back to the community," Isha says.

The Odoms also have two businesses, aside from the ministry, called Agape Moving Services and Just Jump Event Rentals, that teaches the community about economic empowerment.

Michael Odom says that he believes he was sent here by the Lord to make a difference and he was exposed to the environment here so he is able to see the need here and is able to make the difference.

"When I see their lives transform, from one position to a better position, that's the best gift and it is very rewarding," says Michael.

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