Traffic stop results in identity theft bust

Albert Lee Brunson Sr / Lowndes County Sheriff's Office

Officials with the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office say they have arrested two suspects in connection to identifty theft after a traffic stop on Wednesday.

They say that Wednesday evening, they conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle with 22-year-old Nashika Brunson and 43-year-old Albert Brunson Senior.

While speaking with the Brunsons, deputies received permission to search the vehicle.

Deputies found a notebook with names, birthdays, and social security numbers of over 70 different people. They also found 20 credit cards that had been encoded with stolen information.

Both Brunsons have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of identity theft.

Sheriff Prine is asking that anyone with information on this case, or any other case may contact the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office at {229} 671-2950 or anonymous tips can be provided at {229} 671-2985 or on line at

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