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      Traffic and DUI's during the holiday

      Officer Christopher Richardson of the Albany Police Department warns citizens about increased traffic during this holiday season.

      Richardson says that Albany is the hub for people to pass through to other cities, and for people to visit for the holidays.

      With the increase traffic and the mix of the holiday season the risk of accidents is higher. Distraction, drinking, and speeding are the top factors that put you at risk for an accident says Richardson.

      Richardson adds that there are concentrated patrol areas being set up for the New Year and that if your on the road during this time you have to be a defensive driver especially for those who decide to drink and get on the road. Aside from drunk drivers he says slowing down and focusing only the road are important.

      T he penalty for Driving Under Intoxication (DUI) can be fines up to $1000 and up to 12 months in jail.

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