Tracey Goode talks to Kiwanis about new school year excitement

Darton is looking to add new programs to the college and is looking for donations to help fund them. / Sean Streicher

Darton State College has an extra reason to be excited about the start of the school year.

For the first time this fall, Darton will offer a four year nursing degree. Dean of Institutional Advancement Tracy Goode stopped by Wednesday's Kiwanis meeting to talk about the addition of the program and what it means for the community. Goode said the nursing degree will bring new students to the area, and that Darton is already planning to add a few more four year programs.

"Now that Darton College is Darton State College, we're allowed to do four year degrees. We're a residential campus, we don't want to stop at just the nursing four yea degree, we want to continue to add four year degrees to bring the best students into the community and to serve the educational needs of our student that are already here" said Goode.

Each new program will cost the school around a quarter million dollars. Darton is looking for donations to help fund the new programs.