Town Hall talks about drugs

Early Saturday morning East Albany neighborhood members came together to have a discussion on the topic of drugs.

Ward I Commissioner, Jon Howard, facilitated a conversation on drugs that included the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit leader.

"What these do is helps us interact with the community. They have a face to go with the name and when they have an issue or they have a problem or a concern they can reach out. Plus, share some of the issues we have," Major Bill Berry.

Berry told FOX 31 about what he said to neighborhood members and the key issues in the area that are making this fight on drugs so challenging.

"Meth labs, from the pain pill use consumption of those and how they use it and going to stores and buying bath salts or the spice they call it synthetic marijuana. "

Community members talked about how important it was to have a conversation about drugs.

Ada Marshall of East Albany said, "I learned information that I was not aware off concerning the different types of drugs that are distributed in the community."

Major Berry says, "we have to start trying to stay proactive and keep them on their toes and staying proactive does that. Unfortunately it's one of those never ending games."