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      Town Hall Meeting with State Senator Freddie Powell Sims

      Many new bills were introduced this year in Georgia TMs General Assembly and State Senator Freddie Powell made a stop at a community Town Hall meeting in Albany to give citizens an update on the 2012 legislative session.

      The elimination of the birthday tax is something that state senator Freddie Powell Sims says will affect many in her district.

      "It makes previsions for the elimination or reduction of certain income taxes and to replace the taxes that are being lost so were going to now tax online perchance," Freddie Powell Sims State Senator.

      Another piece of legislation is House Bill 1162 will change how taxes dollars are funneled when it comes to Charter School Education.

      "I don't think any of us in the legislature disagreed with the fact that we need alternatives and parents need to have choice but we were concerned about taken away local control of the school boards because these boards have been elected by our citizens," Powell Sims.

      This meeting also provided an opportunity for Dougherty County Residents to form more of an opinion about new State Legislation.

      Louise Primrose a Dougherty County resident says "As I heard today, if we get into charter schools the funding will more or less bypass the Board of Education and go to directly to the State from the State to the Charter Schools."

      Ralph Redfoot a Dougherty County Resident says "I think it TMs a good idea to have control set up and have control of the schools on a local level."