Toddlers buckle up for safety

Chief Cheek receives $500.00 donation. / Matt Prichard

Click it or ticket is a national campaign that encourages motorists to secure their seatbelts. But making sure your little one is fastened in tight is just as important. Which the Albany Kiwanis Club demonstrated Wednesday.

"Well Kiwanis is for kids, and we're a service organization, and we do a lot of things for the community, and our whole organization is trying to help children," said Albany Kiwanis President, Roger Marietta.

With that mission statement in mind, Marietta and the club set up a program to provide local police with funds to buy child safety seats.

"We started a 'car seats for kids' service campaign here, at the Kiwanis Club of Albany, and previously we've raised $3,000 dollars. $2,000 dollars was a grant from Wal-Mart and a thousand we raised from a barbeque," said Marietta.

Kiwanis donated the money to the Albany Police Department earlier this year, and provided Dougherty County Police with $500 dollars, which will assist in educating and preparing drivers who don't have their child properly secured.

"We do as much as we can. Generally we will issue warning citations on a first time, but try and explain the importance of having a child not only in a child restraint seat, but one that's properly installed, and one that properly fits the child," said Dougherty County Police Chief, Don Cheek.

Chief Cheek and the Albany Kiwanis Club emphasized the importance of proper child safety in a vehicle, and reiterated that without that equipment your child stands a higher risk for severe injury if involved in an accident.

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