Tobacco users face surcharge in Lee County

The Lee County Personnel Committee held a special calling meeting Monday morning to discuss proposed changes to the county's health care plan.

Two big changes they talked about were increasing the co-pay and implementing a tobacco surcharge.

Board chairman Rick Muggridge says the tobacco surcharge is all in an effort to encourage county employee's to quit smoking. Muggridge says it's a proven fact that smoking will cause health problems and thus cause your insurance to cost more and for both these reasons they are encouraging smokers to quit.

As far as the co-pay increase, Muggridge says this is something that will obviously only affect people using the health care plan and it's a way to increase costs but not to everyone, just to those who use it. Muggridge says increasing the co-pay rather than the whole plan is what he considers to be 'fair.'

Both of these proposed changes will go before the full board at Tuesday night's meeting.

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