To hit the polls or not to hit the polls?

While the 2012 election has shown normal numbers for early voting, organizers are hoping for a solid turnout on the big day / Fox 31

In our Facebook story of the day, you wanted to know what the expected turnout for tomorrow's election would be.

The past few weeks have held some heated debates and lots of promises, but was it enough to make people get involved more than usual?

"We look at the numbers as about basically the same. We had 2,795 people to actually come through our office or the second location at the candy room and cast those ballots early," said Election Supervisor, Ginger Nickerson.

With 50,000 active voters and another 7,000 marked inactive, Nickerson says the voter registration office is hoping for a decent turnout Tuesday - but with only one more day to make your decision, some say it shouldn't be a question.

" has been on the short side primarily because of apathy and people don't understand the value of one vote. If you look at it, one vote has really made a difference in a number of elections," said voter, Wilburn Campbell.

Those who have chosen to come out say they understand their role and are proud to fill it.

"If I had my voice heard, it'd be great. If it'll help the person I voted for get in office, it's great," said Alexia Jones, who was registering to vote.

"People expect that our parents are going to make these decisions for us and we fail to realize that one day our time is going to come where we're going to have to be the ones that are going to make those decisions on our own and be independent for ourselves. If we don't put those right people in office, then those decisions are going to affect us," said voter, Brandon Teemer.

Voters also say this right gives them the ability to have a voice that is heard.

"People don't understand the very importance of going out and casting their ballot because these people that we elect are speaking for the people of Albany, Georgia," said Willis Moffitt, who chose to vote early.

Although there is no real way to predict what Tuesday's turnout will look like, there are still over 47,000 active voters in Dougherty County who need to make up their mind.