TLC's Duggar family visits 'Courageous' set

Jim Bob Duggar hangs out with the film's co-writer Stephen Kendrick

Sherwood Baptist Church had some special guests on the set of their new movie today.

The Duggar family from TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" were extras during a scene filmed in Albany this afternoon. Film writers tell us the scene from the movie "Courageous" is a father-son 5K race. Hundreds of dads and their sons showed up to run the race together. Jim Bob Duggar ran with seven of his ten sons.

"It really is special doing things together as a family and that's what I appreciate about these films," Duggar said. "They really encourage families to stay together and the fathers to step up and to be courageous leaders of their family."

Duggar's oldest son Josh added, "Unlike a lot of other movie sets, you see a ton of volunteers here. You see a ton of people that are really dedicated to a cause versus just to make money. So it really is awesome to see that."

Camera crews from the hit TLC show were also in Albany following the Duggars during the filming.