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      'Tis the season to start shopping

      'Tis the season to start shopping.

      As we enter the seasonal shopping period local stores managers tells FOX 31 this is the best time to fill your carts.

      They say from this point on stores will be packed.

      Bertha Stokes, Manager at Sam's Club says, "we do have limited supply. We do get in boat loads of items but they do go fast so to get a great selection, we encourage you to come on out and take a look."

      Jenee Barnes, Cashier with Fred's says, "why come out and be hassled with all the crowds and different things like that when you can just come in and around that time of Thanksgiving you get to enjoy family."

      Julia Yarbrough, Manager with Target says, "it's just really important to come now and be prepared so you're not last minute and looking around for that last minute gift for one of your loved ones."

      For a quick look at some of the deals each store has to offer for the holiday's click here on the links to their website below.

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