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      'Tis the season for scams in Southwest Georgia

      The Lee County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about a scam going on in and outside of the area. Lt. Col. Chris Owens says someone, or several people, claiming to be an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency is calling residents and telling them the D.E.A. is near their house and needs them to pay a fine via wire transfer to a designated location.

      The impersonators tell residents that enforcement action will be taken against them if they don't pay the fine.

      Owens says if the D.E.A. were to issue you a fine, an agent would come to your house and tell you in person; this kind of thing would never be handled over the phone.

      But they aren't the only ones dealing with a scam. The Southwest Georgia Public Health district is also in the process of warning the public about a phone scam they have been getting calls about.

      Officials with the Public Health District say these impersonators are calling and asking residents to complete a survey; some of the questions they ask are about your race, religion, and then they ask for your credit card information. Officials told Fox 31 that they currently don't have any phone surveys being done, so if someone claiming to be the Health District calls and asks you to complete a survey, know that it's a scam.

      Owens also added that people need to be weary of giving out their personal information including their bank and credit card information out online or over the phone, this is an easy way for predators to get your information.