Tips to keep you electric bill from going up with the temperature

In attempts to save money some people are waiting to turn on their AC. / Sean Streicher

Air conditioners can offer a nice reprieve from the summer heat, but before the temperature really starts going up there are a few things you can do to keep your electric bill from doing the same.

Experts recommend having you air conditioner serviced by a certified technician.

"What is does is make sure you get the maximum efficiency out of the unit so that when it's running it's running at peak performance," said Austin Craven, Vice President of Leesburg Air

The technician might also catch minor problems before they have the chance to turn into something major.

Experts also recommend upgrading your thermostat, "the older thermostats are not very accurate, there's a three-to-five degree differential in there and new digital thermostat is an exact temperature," explains Craven.

Some of the newer models can even raise or lower the temperature while you're at work.

When deciding what temperature to set your thermostat at keep in mind the federal government recommends 78 degrees.

"Every degree under 78 that you put your thermostat you're going to raise your bill three to five percent, and you can do the math that's a lot of money," said Lorie Farkas, the Assistant General Manager of WG&L.

The last tip we have for you is to make sure you change your air filter every month, not only does it help your system run more efficiently but it also helps stop the spread of pollen throughout your house.

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