Tips to avoid car break-ins

Dougherty County Police Department gives tips on avoiding a car break-in. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

This summer, more than 10 car break-ins in Albany were reported, and officers are encouraging people to make sure they're doing all they can to avoid having their car broken in to.

Officers said people should try and park their car at night in a place that has light.

Do not leave anything valuable in the car. If you have to leave something, put it in the trunk, but do it before you get to your stop. They are looking for things that can be sold.

“Anything they can get rid of quickly, for instance tablets or laptops or anything of that nature,” Lieutenant Anthony Rodgers, Dougherty County Police Department, said.

According to Rodgers, it only takes a few minutes for someone to break in and steal your stuff, so always lock your door. No matter how long you are gone for.

If someone does break into your car, call 911 instead of trying to handle it by yourself.

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