Time is ticking on last minute shoppers

Shoppers brave the crowds at the Albany Mall, to do some last minute shopping. / Sean Streicher

With only two days until Christmas, there's not much time left to do your holiday shopping.

People packed the Albany mall Saturday in search of that perfect gift.

We braved the crowds to ask people why they choose to wait until the last minute to get there shopping done.

"I'm kinda a last minute person sometimes, so I'm just trying to run around, and at times I like being in here, just being amongst the people," said Brian Knighton.

Nathan McClelland told us, "Sometimes it's just what you need to do, last minute pay checks, money's hard to come by these days."

For those of you who still have a few items to pick up, many businesses have extended holiday hours. The Albany Mall will be open 11am-8pm Saturday, and 7am-6pm on Monday.
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