Tifton woman searching for dognapped family member

A Tifton woman needs your help locating her stolen dog. / Franklin White

A Tifton woman needs your help locating her stolen dog after surveillance footage shows the dog being coaxed out of the yard.

On June 1st, surveillance video captured what appears to be a woman and some children entering Laura Leon's property.

The video shows one of the alleged suspects taking one of the puppies from the property and leaving the scene.

Leon has not had any luck getting any leads or receiving any information from the public about her missing dog, a 1-year-old Chihuahua named Mica, who weighs about nine pounds.

Mica is light brown with white patches on her body.

If you have any information about the missing dog or the person suspected in taking the dog, call the Tifton County Sheriff's Department at (229) 388-6020.

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