Tifton Waffle House gets swiped

The suspect seen here, is wanted for swiping $500 dollars from a Tifton Waffle House / Tifton Police Dept.

A robbery Tuesday morning took on a different story-line. A man stole $500 dollars from a Tifton Waffle House, without taking any money with him.

The case is being called, theft by deception, after the suspect leaned over the counter and swiped his debit card through the credit card machine.

Tifton Police say the man ordered two cups of coffee and, while the waitress had her back turned, swiped his card and credited his account with $500 dollars.

The tricky theft took only 30-seconds. Police say the suspect paid for the coffee and also tipped the waitress $3.00 dollars.

If you recognize the suspect, or have any information you're asked to contact the Tifton Police Department immediately.

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