Tifton teen a viral star

A Tifton teenager has turned into internet celebrity after his rise to fame on the video service Vine.

16-year-old Brandon Bowen has nearly 96,000 followers on the service and over 37 million loops.

Two of Bowen's more widely seen videos include sing about mini-tacos and using spoons to "block out his haters."

FOX 31 asked Bowen what the secret was to his internet fame and he said "always be yourself. Be original; don't try to be anybody else. A lot of people come to me and ask me 'how do I get famous on Vine' and that's what I tell them. Just be yourself. Do what you love. Be original. Don't steal from no one and you'll do great."

For more on Bowen, check out the full interview with this story or visit him on Vine.