Tifton gym looking for 'Biggest Loser'

Tifton's Wellness and Fitness Center is set to begin their annual Biggest Loser competition

Like many people Tommy Hauesler wants to knock of some weight in 2011.

"I need to lose probably 40 or 50 pounds at least. I'm probably going to shoot to try to lose five pounds a week," said Hauesler.

After being in a car accident two years ago he's been going through rehab, but being injured has taken a toll on his health. Now, through some friendly competition he plans to turn it around.

"The doctors have been pushing me to lose some weight and I decided this was a good cause and it will help me get in better health," said Hauesler.

He'll try to become Tifton's biggest loser in a weight loss competition pitting him against other people looking to shed unwanted pounds.

"Come Monday January 3 we're going to start Tifton's Biggest Loser. This is our annual Relay for Life fundraiser. It's going to be an 11-week weight loss competition," said Sommer Dunston, the competition's organizer.

Competitors put up money, then see who can lose the greatest percentage of their body weight. But while competing, they'll also be helping out a good cause.

"It's $40 to enter the competition and we take the proceeds from that and we split it. Half of the proceeds go to Relay for Life and the other half we split it among the winners," said Dunston.

Becky Smith came "oh-so" close to winning last year, taking second place and losing about 30 pounds. This year she's looking for first.

"Of course there is a cash prize so you're always excited about that. You're always watching, waiting for the results to come out. You get all excited about it and it's very competitive," said Smith.

"We're all looking to win, but just getting healthy is the main thing," said Hauesler.

For more information about the competition, visit or call 386-5200.