Tifton cleans up as they dry out

Tifton residence clean up after flood. / Sean Streicher

Heavy rain, Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, caused severe flooding throughout Southwest Georgia.

Fortunately those areas saw a reprieve from the inclement weather and were able to start drying out Wednesday.

Local business like Barnes Transmissions are now starting the cleanup process, owner Raymond Barnes said, "(we're going through) a lot of parts right now, don't know how much (we lost) yet, that's what we're going through now. Everything that was on the lower level we're just digging through it seeing what's good and what isn't. Then packing it up and throwing it away."

These are the same rains that caused road closers throughout Tift and Berrien County, but as of now all roadways have been reopened. This includes route 520 between the Fair Grounds and Alapaha.

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