Tift schools approve millage increase

Tift County Board of Education building. / Jessica Fairley

Property taxes may soon be going up for Tift County taxpayers.

In Tuesday night's meeting, the Tift County Board of Education voted on next year's budget that includes a 3 mill increase for property taxes.

For a $100,000 home, it's going to be an increase of about $120 dollars over the course of the year.

School officials say the raise is put in place to keep them afloat.

"Tift County is one of a few counties in this area that pays social security which is a percent of salary so that increases, your retirement increases. All of these things increased based off of the salary and with those increases the school system has to find alternative ways to pay those," said Klinton Guess, Tift County School System Finance Director.

Later this summer, public hearings will be held for residents before there is a final approval of next year's budget.