Tift Park community market faces challenges at new location

Tift Park community market faces challenges at new temporary location. jpg/ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

According to Friends at Tift Park, they aren’t making much progress getting back to their original location.

The Saturday market is still waiting on FEMA to give them permission to go back to the park.

They have been temporarily moved to the Women’s Health Professional Building across the street.

Being in a parking lot does bring some challenges for organizers.

“The con is that we aren’t really exposed like we were,” said Stephen Brimberry, Friends at Tift Park Chairman. “We’re kind of cubbied in to a parking lot, where we used to be exposed to this beautiful park.”

Because of the hidden temporary location, there aren’t as many vendors and visitors coming to the market. Before at Tift Park, there was an average of 40 vendors every Saturday, but now there is 29.

The market is available on Saturdays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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