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      Tift County quarterback gets the surprise of a lifetime

      As Ryan Wedgeworth and his family took the field for his last football game as a Tift County Blue Devil, one crucial piece was missing " until they turned around and saw Tyler, Ryan TMs brother who has been deployed overseas for the past six months.

      Since late October, Tyler says he TMs been planning the surprise to show up for his brother TMs senior night and last game, something he TMs never been able to witness.

      "It TMs been a long time in the works. I've never seen him play football, because I TMve always either been deployed or in Virginia, so I was finally able to get to see him play, said Tyler, an ABH3 who serves in the Navy.

      Though moved by the gesture, Ryan says it's wasn TMt going to throw him off his game, and if anything, it would be the opposite.

      "I really can't explain it. It just means that I know that I want to give him a show and I know how far he came to see me so I TMm going to give it to him," said Ryan.

      The boys' mother agrees, saying the rare lie she can approve of is a perfect ending to the quarterback's career.

      "It's a sense of a pride that's beyond words. It's hard to explain but just to look at them and see what kind of men they have grown into is amazing, said Selena Branch.

      As the family left the field to take a seat in the stands, they say no outcome could ruin the night.

      Win or lose he's still a champion in my books, said Tyler.

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