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      Tift County High School evacuated due to bomb threat

      Second Update (4:00 p.m.)Tifton police say they have arrested 17-year-old Orantae Garman after he made a call to 911 with a bomb threat.Garman will be charged as an adult and is facing one charge of transmitting a false public alarm.Officials say he had the phone on him when he was caught and confessed to calling in the bomb threat.Police arrested the student at the Tift County High School.First UpdateTift County Public Schools' Facebook page has been updated saying that the bomb threat has been cleared and students are returning to class. Lunch will be served.Initial StoryAccording to a post on the Tift County Public Schools' Facebook page, Tift County High School is being evacuated due to a bomb threat.School officials say that emergency procedures are being implemented and say that that no student pick-up is being allowed.They are asking parents to not come to the school at this time.School officials say that as of 10:30 a.m. students are outside and away from the high school. Law enforcement is on scene and searching the building. They add that the threat was called into the 911 center, who then contacted the high school.