Tift Co. woman fights for clemency

A woman from Ty Ty, Georgia who's been in federal prison for the last 14 years is fighting for her chance to be granted clemency by President Obama.

Helen Gray is currently in a minimum security federal prison in Florida for drug offenses. The group 'Advocates 4 Justice' is working with Gray to petition the pardon attorney's office asking the President to consider granting clemency to Gray so she can spend time with her elderly mother and two adult sons.

Vikki Hankins with Advocates 4 Justice says because of legal changes in the system the organization thinks the clemency request is reasonable. "There have been a lot of rulings and legislation and laws that have changed over the past few years dating back to former President Bush regarding cases like hers so that is the reason we got involved. And of course 14 years for the type of case that she had with only 3 years remaining we're trying to see if the President by way of the pardons attorney will release her" says Hankins.

Advocates 4 Justice says Gray wants a second chance in order to give back to society, and educate young people about the pitfalls that could land them behind bars.