Thronateeska opens medical history exhibit

Phoebe Putney and Thronateeska staff cut the ribbon on the medical museum. / Todd Bailey

A ribbon cutting for a new medical history exhibit in Albany took place this morning at the Thronateeska History Museum.

Some items that weren't used for the Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Museum will now be put on display for museum for visitors.

The other artifacts that have been added to the collection have come from Thronateeska and community members that had items they wanted to share.

There are several sections dedicated to various areas of healthcare like nurses, physicians, and the anatomy of the human body.

Tommy Gregors, Executive Director of Thronateeska says "we have items that cover a wide range of times and it also shows the advancement in medicine and technology and how healthcare has improved over the last hundred years."

Thronateeska expects to run the medical history museum until the end of 2012.

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