Three more Albany bars go before commission over alcohol licenses

The first hearing is in regards to "Legends Lounge & Club" on East Broad.
/ Matt Prichard

After seven hours of testimony, Albany City commissioners made three rulings in regards to alcohol license renewal inside the city limits.

"We came in here to listen to both sides without having any preconceived notions. And I think that was the result you saw from us listening to the evidence," said Albany Mayor, Dorothy Hubbard.

"Legends Club & Bar," "The Sand Trap," and "Big Daddy's" all presented their cases before the commission in hopes of gaining their license for 2013. And although both "legends and sand trap" made it out with the licenses in hand, "Big Daddy's" would not be so lucky.

"It's too small to accommodate the number of persons they have, and its been a fireball for a long time," said City of Albany Commissioner, Tommie Postell.

"With, "Big Daddy's," it was the issue of occupancy in my opinion, you know if I'm the owner, and I'm responsible for the parking lot, and I can't see the parking lot, or I have no parking spaces, then that becomes a real issue," said Mayor Hubbard.

Commissioners cited several incidents with the 20-year-old nightclub, including a homicide that took place over a year ago. Mayor Hubbard reinforced the point by saying the evidence ultimately sold her.

"Did we prove that these should not be renewed. And when I could answer yes, I voted for the resolution," said Mayor Hubbard.

Commissioner Tommie Postell agreed with Mayor Hubbard in regards to "Big Daddy's" but reiterated that all three businesses should have received the same punishment.

"I am not satisfied with the way they developed, because now we work at another angle....if they don't meet certain criteria, then they coming back before us again," said Postell.

Tuesday's meeting wraps up 5 different cases for alcohol license renewal, with the board only denying one request.