Three men indicted on 51 counts

Three men have been charged in a 51 count indictment in relation to the Marine Core Logistic Base in Albany, GA cheating the government out of 20 million dollars in profit, over a four year period.

This operation went on between United Industrial of Georgia Inc, truck company, and former officials of the Marine Core Logistics Base in Albany.

Colie Young with the MCLB released to WFXL the following statement; "We are fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation being conducted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Georgia and they released a 36-page indictment today on the matter. Due to this investigation it would be inappropriate for us to comment further. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Georgia is handling all media queries."

The Department of Justice was able to provide us with the following information. Christopher Whitman, Shawm McCarty and Bradford Newell had an operation going to steal equipment from the MCLB in Albany, GA until they got caught. Whitman, co-owner of United Industrial of Georgia Inc, bribed officials on the Marine Corps Base including Mccarty and Newell whom assisted with stealing equipment worth over $1 million.

Additionally, Shelby Janes, Mitchell Potts and Jeff Philpot were also officials on the base who helped with Whitman's scheme. These officials already pleaded guilty to taking nearly $1 million in bribes altogether.

Janes assisted with stolen equipment. Potts and Phipot signed off on transportation contracts and premium priced requirements that were non-existent.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards said, "The next step would be for the persons to be formally arraigned and that is advised of the charges brought against them in pursuant to the indictment and then the next step would usually be trial and all of that will be done within the federal judicial system."

The three men were arrested earlier today and appeared before a judge who ordered the men detained before further hearings next week.

If convicted the defendants face up to twenty years in prison for each wire fraud count and 15 years in prison for each bribery count.