Three couples renew vows at Century Pines

Charles and Edwina Drinkwater renew their vows. / Jessica Fairley

Residents in the Century Pines retirement community had a full course meal for as a part of their Valentine's Day celebration.

The theme of this year's Valentine's Day dinner was 'Love is in the Air.' Keeping in the theme, some people chose the day to renew their wedding vows.

Three couples held hands and rededicated themselves to their spouses.

Edwina Drinkwater says although her husband, Charles Drinkwater, recently had a stroke, she's still as dedicated as she was 35 years ago.

"You just keep loving and you keep trusting God to help you do it," said Edwina Drinkwater.

This was the first time the couple has renewed their vows since they were married.

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