Three car accident on the Liberty Expressway

Photo Credit: Kerri Copello

Dougherty County police, EMS and the Albany Fire Department are on scene after a three-car accident occurred in the 1200 block of the Liberty Expressway.

According to Lt. M.J. Wood, with DCP, a blue, Dodge Ram 1500 was travelling south on GA 3 and went off the road over 150 feet and hit a drain culvert in the median. The Ram went about 70 more free before sideswiping a grey and red truck heading north.

The Ram continued in the wrong direction and an orange, Honda Element that was also traveling north, was hit head on by the Ram.

There were five injuries in all, with one person in the Ram, one in the Element, and three in the grey and red truck. The drivers in both the Element and Ram suffered serious injuries. All were brought to Phoebe for treatment.

Charges are pending in this case.

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