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      Three arrested in Terrell County meth bust

      Dawson Police Department's Drug Unit and Terrell County Sheriff's Office make a meth bust with the help from a few local agencies early Monday morning.Investigators say the house has been under surveillance for about a week and a half as a potential cook house.Since the weekend, one of the house occupants has been gone, but returned around 4 AM Monday morning.Officers say they have had the warrant to search the house since Thursday, but made their entry with canines upon the return of one of the occupants. Officers found methamphetamine in crystallized form that appeared to have been made the night before using the 'shake and bake' method. Also discovered in the residence was powder methamphetamine and a handgun.

      In a enclosed garage, officers came in contact with another container that was releasing pressure. Officers then left the residence and called in help from Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit that brought along their Haz-Mat equipment and determined that the building was safe. As of Monday afternoon, investigators say they have three people in custody, all of which have previous felony convictions, but no more details can be released at this time.