Thousands without power in Colquitt County after Irma

Thousands of Colquitt County residents still without power./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni 

Thousands of people in Colquitt County are still struggling without power Wednesday night.

There are more than 12,000 Colquitt Electric Membership Corporation, Colquitt EMC, customers alone that are without power, but that’s a major improvement from the 51,000 the county saw on Monday right after Tropical Storm Irma hit.

The biggest impact from Irma did come from power outages.

More than 30 crew members from other states including Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Carolinas are in town to help the community.

Crews from Colquitt County have been working tirelessly to help get the town back on its feet.

“It’s been a fantastic joint effort between Colquitt County, the city of Moultrie and all of our community,” Russell Moody, Colquitt County Emergency Management Director, said. “This was not an individual event. It was our entire county pulling together to help our citizens, and they’ve done a fantastic job.”

The Colquitt EMC expects to have most of the power restored by the end of the day on Friday.

There was some structural damage in town. The county has seven to 10 roads blocked as of Wednesday evening.

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